November 11, 2019

Going with Facebook

Will Smith @WillSmithSF

I've been struggling with how to get people to Resume Workshop.

I don't have the 12 to 18 months to wait for a content/SEO strategy to bear fruit. I'd looked at Google and Facebook ads earlier this year, including a few conversations that were discouraging. According to PPC marketers, the CPCs are just too high for me to realize profit if my margin-per-sale is about $39.

With the new marketplace model, however, my margins are better, between $50 and $70. After a few additional conversations, it seems this might be workable for Facebook ads.

But not without a commitment of a couple grand per month for a few months, plus the marketer's fee. Evidently it takes that amount of spend and time to gather enough data to nail down the right audiences and have Facebook's own automated ads optimization do its thing.

I'm going to try it.

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