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The goal is to provide an intuitive and straight forward experience for users to create their resume, even if they are not tech savvy or good at design.

September 16, 2021 #2 Position on Google for "resume maker"

By shifting my focus into marketing in the last months (now that I'm extremely proud of the product in terms of its new features and improved performance), I managed to improve the search rank and achieve a #2 spot on a global average for the terms "resume maker". Most of the efforts where around getting new backlinks (mostly interviews) with high domain authority. The impact can be seen on territories were the site was already ranking high (India, claimed from the #2 to #1) and from countries were it was not even visible on the first page (USA, from second page to #4 spot).

August 25, 2021 10,000 subscribers!

After only 3 months of launching a newsletter subscription that focuses around remote work and tips on how to land a job, the audience grew to +10,000, and reaching the initial set goal of 25,000 subscribers by the end of the year doesn't seem too far fetched now.

July 22, 2021 100k users /mo

After launching ResumeMaker v2 with improved performance, a bump on Google rankings was expected, although going back to 3º spot globally on the search term "resume maker" happened faster than expected. As a result, traffic sits at all time high, reaching 100.000 unique users per month!

June 1, 2021 Newsletter subscription

A newsletter subscription powered by MailChimp and focused around remote work job listings was added. Growing at a steady pace of +-100 subscribers per day, this is part of an effort to create a secondary income stream thanks to sponsored links of companies that want to connect with my audience.

April 5, 2021 ResumeMaker.Online v2.0 is out!

It has been more than 2 years since I first launched ResumeMaker.Online and after several cumulative fixes and updates during this time, I’m officially launching the biggest update yet with the version 2.0.

Although most of the changes were under the hood to offer a totally new mobile experience and improve the website performance to achieve a 100/100 Google score in all categories, there are some new exciting features!

Now the PDF download looks better than ever. I got rid of some visual artifacts that were present and also listened to major criticism: the rated bars/circles for listing skills. I still think there’s value in them for specific cases, but now users can opt for a simple way to list their skills without any grade or percentage attached to it.

Other important new feature (especially nowadays, with remote work booming) is the location selector, that makes it easier for the users to fill in the appropriate information according to the best practices by the location of the company they are applying for.

August 31, 2020 60k users /mo

This marks and all-time record not only on users but also on downloads, and it´s currently growing at steady 10% rate without any real marketing efforts from my side.

During the month of august a little over 60.000 users visited ResumeMaker.Online, making a total of 80.000+ sessions and 50.000+ downloads.

August 31, 2020 PRO download is available

During the first 2 years of ResumeMaker.Online, I offered a free download (with watermark) and monetized the product thanks to a mix of donations and parnerships with other sites that wanted to connect with my audience.

When the pandemic hit, the deals with my partners also took a hit and it was the perfect excuse to try out offering a "PRO" download. The free version is still there for all the users, especially during these convoluted times, but they can also gain access to a higher resolution and watermark-free paid version.

To define the price, I took a look at the donations throught the years. Donations helped to validate the product but were useful to see what users are willing to pay for it. I offered fixed values and the break out looks like this:

• $1 (22%)
• $2 (38%)
• $5 (36%)
• $10 (2%)
• $20 (2%)

So it´s fair to assume the price is around $2 and $5. At the moment, the price sits at $1.95 per download, but I´m planning to run more experiments to find the right number.

August 31, 2020 500.000 resume downloads

This is a HUGE milestone for me and something that I could have never imagined when I launched ResumeMaker.Online 2 years ago as a mere fun side project.

Even if the site offers free downloads, reaching this number thanks to mostly organic growth without any proper marketing effort from my side validates again the idea and motivates me to finally try to find the time to intentionally market the product.

Let´s see how much it takes from now to reach the 1M mark!


The goal is to provide an intuitive and straight forward experience for users to create their resume, even if they are not tech savvy or good at design.