October 10, 2019

Finished Building the product

Ashutosh Kumar @ashukumar27

Completed all the checkpoints, product is now ready to sell and bug free. All UI/UX changes have been accomplished, and backed processes and codes streamlined. The task is a little bit manual as of now (requires daily intervention of 5 minutes max) but will surely fix this issue in the next update

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    Is not having a responsive layout from Samsun 8 +.
    I would drop a screenshot but I cant embed a picture

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      thanks, yes its currently not optimized for all mobile screens, though I have used the bootstrap framework. Its probably a day's work, which I'll surely do at some point of time (this is in my top 5 modifications to do in this product)

      I just wanted to validate the product first using web interface only, and then work on optimizing for the mobile. The product is essentially as detailed dashboard and analysis, so this works well on laptop/desktop browser.

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        Ahh typical bootstrap. For your layout I would recommend Bulma.io is responsive 100%, mobile first.

        No need of js.

        Edit: In 2 to 3 hours you could get the same layout and looking exactly the same.

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    Are Radisson and Carlson actually using the product or are you using them as placeholders on your website?

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    bug free

    The features page seems to be empty.

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    This comment was deleted a year ago.