November 7, 2019

Shout out: Partner doubles revenue in 1 month!

Ben Ames @BenAmesy

I like broadcasting our partners wins. They're an ecommerce company (little different for this community), but I thought I'd share their success. Rein ( doubled their monthly revenue in October through pop-up shops and a partner channel.

Pop up shops are an interesting trend. This was a co-retail type pop up shop where 1 large unit in a mall rents out smaller space to a number of different retailers. Potentially extremely valuable for e-commerce or retail type businesses to test out markets and was great value for Saddle Shoppe.

Would pop up shops be interesting to anyone out there? Also, if you know of anyone interested in equestrian gear, let them know about Saddle Shoppe!

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    What's the best email to reach you?

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      Hi Emekaonu, can I answer your question here?