August 26, 2019

Huge update for Reviewdrop. Finding the market fit

Scott Ramsay @scottramsay

Today I launched a huge update to

We launched back in January 2019 as our first dive into the SaaS market. Working full time at a web agency we found our clients getting upset at the rising cost of review systems when they are just starting out.

Reviewdrop has now matured into a tool that will automatically email customers after ordering on platforms such as Shopify, Bigcommerce and Woocommerce. We also have private support now for Zapier to connect up to thousands of CRM systems and others. All that's needed is the customers email and date to send out.

Our website widget allows customers to view reviews on any page via a pop-up at the bottom left or right of your screen. Business owners can select what reviews they want to appear on the widget, while all reviews will appear on the company profile.

Lastly, we have support to manually send customer invitations and send them a coupon code after submissions as incentive.

My goal now is to focus on marketing and speaking with businesses who we think would benefit. Pages have been setup for different use cases and I aim to document these out more over time.

We also setup a compare page to find our latest feature set -

Onwards and upwards!


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