October 8, 2019

Migrating to Tailwind and away from Laravel Spark

Scott Ramsay @scottramsay

In just one week we managed to migrate our recent September redesign over to Tailwind CSS and away from Laravel Spark.

A lot of coffee was had to get this done but will pave the way for a solid foundation as we push ahead with client requests.

We recently started using Tailwind CSS at our web agency and couldn't face going back to Bootstrap. With PurgeCSS/Tailwind CSS we are seeing super tiny stylesheets and consistent design. It is awesome!

Take a look - https://reviewdrop.io

  • Moving away from Laravel Spark

This was something I had been thinking about for the last couple of months. While Spark is great at cutting down weeks of boilerplate code, it doesn't always work great for everyone's use case.

For example, we really wanted to start offering custom plans for individual users. For this, we ended up moving plans to database level so we can control things easier.

We also heavily modified the template structure of Spark to suit our needs. When there is a major update to Spark it's a major pain in the neck to work through existing files.

Now we are 100% on our own system it feels great to have the freedom to build exactly as we want. Spark is still great for quickly getting your SaaS app up and running, but for us, it became too restrictive.

Have any other Indie Hackers faced the same hurdle?

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