January 11, 2020

Came up with the idea.


They say entrepreneurs come up with ideas when they're faced with a problem and there's not a solution already out there. Mine was over frustration and an inability to easily work independently for myself. I had experience in computer repairs/builds, music, house-sitting, animal care, tutoring and more, but there was no effective way to say in my area, "Hey I'll do this if anyone needs it!" There was apps like Uber/Lyft for transportation, AirBNB for accommodations and the plethora of apps for food deliveries, but I didn't like that I had to be hired through a middleman. Not only that, but due to that middleman it was a blockade on developing a relationship with the people I'm helping. I wanted to work for myself, without a middleman, and build connections with the people I'm helping--or that help me--and expand on those connections based on our credibility.

That's where I came up with ripplet. An app that lets people freelance local services. You have your profile which contains your skills, description of who you are, posts--called ripplets--of what you actively offer or need done, social media links for personal connection, reviews and more. From there you have your active page of people posting ripplets and can request or provide service to those listings.

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