February 16, 2020

First 5 paying customers roastmylandingpage.com

Oliver Meakings @olly

Last week I launched my side project for founders and makers to book a 10-minute landing page video roast to improve conversion.

This week I had my first 5 paying customers. All new clients came from a Twitter Ad experiment.

I ran an ad campaign targeting indie makers and founders in the US and UK (people following @indiehackers and @makerpad) and delivered a good CTR of > 3% and a low CPC of around £.30.

I used multiple creative in one ad set (10 variations) and paused any that weren't performing. You can view the best performing ad below.


There was an ad variation that used the same copy but said 'SUCKS' instead of 'Doesn't convert'.

I think focusing on the benefit of using my service is one reason the 'convert' creative was the best performing ad.

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