Quit my £600/day job to run Roast My Landing Page

Major milestone for me. I've made the decision to go full time on my side project, and I start today.

Let me share why I've made this difficult decision.

I've spent the last 6 months leading a brilliant marketing team in an extremely well paid freelance job. I've had a lot of fun experimenting with big budgets on new channels.

Freelance roles are addictive for me. They offer me routine, influence, connection to a team, the chance to get lots done. But as someone who tends to over-commit freelance jobs can cause real problems for my other professional goals. I am sure lots of IHers know this problem well.

For about a year now Roast My Landing Page has been a side project that has been significantly prioritised when I'm less busy, and totally ignored when I'm working with clients. Leaving me with too many 'what ifs'.

For the last few months I've had the nagging feeling that the opportunity cost of not giving my side project the time and attention it deserves is too big. So after a few sleepless nights, I'm pulling the plug on my freelance work completely.

For the next 10 weeks I will exclusively on RMLP with a goal to generate 1 sale a day at a CPA of less than £50 (a Roast is £150). That should mean about £3000/month in profit.

This goal will not get me anywhere near my freelance revenue BUT it will take me to ramen profitability 🍜

I want to know what I can do when I am fully focused on my side project. And that's what I'm going to find out. I'd love the support of IHers - will you join me?

Follow me story and all my metrics on https://twitter.com/helloitsolly

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    How will you scale service delivery?

    1. 1

      3 roasts a day / 1 hour's work would be about 15,000 a month. Do you mean beyond that point? @evandempsey

      1. 2

        You saying you spend 20~ minutes reviewing 1 roast including recording/editing time? you're probably really good at your job, but I would hope to get more time spent on analysis then that.

        Do you also include technical analysis such as FCP/CLS etc (google new metrics for page performance)

        1. 2

          @Rishi_Uttam The whole roast is one loom video with no planning and no editing. The focus is on acquisition and conversion. I do sometimes run speed reports live. I'm able to do this because 1. I am very experienced in CRO 2. I am able to think very quickly on the fly. The video is max 20mins.

      2. 2

        Yes. You don't want to be doing these yourself long term, do you?

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    This is honestly one of the best concepts I have seen on IH. It is clear and useful, I wonder how scaleable it is since it relies on your knowledge and experience.
    It's a great achievement to take the step to go full time, well done!

    1. 1

      @FIENDISH Thank you. If you want to follow my story I am on https://twitter.com/helloitsolly

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    quit that job! yessssss!

  4. 1

    Nice one Oli! Hope it goes well!

  5. 1

    Congratulations Oliver! I love this idea. Good luck.

  6. 1

    Love the concept! I'm curious to know what channels will prove useful to attract customers. Best of luck for the adventure!

  7. 1

    Can vouch that the roast was 150% worth it. Cheers and good luck @olly!

  8. 1

    That's really cool. I loved the idea. I'm trying to create the first concept (a conversion optimization audit for online courses sales pages). This boosted me my energy to just launch the productized service

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    Nice, I must admit, I would have never thought this would work as an idea, let alone that high a cost.

    Just goes to show you gotta try stuff. Good luck :)

    1. 1

      @kieronboz I wouldn't call £149 a high cost to have an expert review and audit your landing page. Just one extra customer could pay that back for most SaaS businesses.

      1. 1

        In my head I figure the hourly value I'd be getting and I wouldn't want to pay anyone £150 an hour, assuming each one takes an hour or less.

        Not knocking it though, kudos, I was just surprised is all 😃

        1. 1

          I am not talking about this specific case, but what does it matter what the hourly rate is if, if the ROI can be 10x?

          You could pay someone experienced 10k$ to review your business and give you some life-changing tips in 30 minutes and it could still be worth for you in the long run.

          It's just like this story: https://rosalynpalmer.com/knowing-which-screw-to-turn/

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    how will you generate sales? what channels will you use? Are you going to leverage your own social media?

    Otherwise, i saw your site, looks good! (ofc it does since Brett had hands on it lol)

    1. 1


      I'm already running experiments on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Spotify, email, community and Google Ads.

      1. 1

        How have those results been? What kind of marketing/sales strategy are you using?

        1. 1

          @albertkim I'm an expert marketer - that's what I did before going full time on RMLP. I am seeing a CPA around my target which is £50. You'll need to test these platforms for your own product and audiences. If you need any more advice check out my site first100users.com

          1. 1

            Appreciate the answer, will look into it. Thanks!

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    Good luck Olly! Your roasts are the best - excited to see you run with this

  12. 0

    By your domain - does your 150 service include a guarantee of 100 users?

      1. 1

        yeah, he’s probably confused with your other domain :)

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