Trended on Hacker News homepage: $13,000 booked!

On May 13th a Roast My Landing Page blog post trended on Hacker News.

The post, what I learnt roasting 200 landing pages in 12 months (http://blog.roastmylandingpage.com/landing-page-roasts/), remained on the Hacker News homepage for over 24 hours, generating 684 points and over 230 comments.

This lead to 40,000 blog visits and £10,000 in revenue in 48 hours.

Read the full outline of what happened here: https://blog.roastmylandingpage.com/hacker-news-homepage/

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    cool, i had similar visiting numbers but didnt monetize it :D

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    Congrats on the achievement Olly. It is certainly an inspiration. I was searching for that hacker news post link & found it here - https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=27140440

    Before submitting or after the submit process have you done anything special like submitting the hackernews thread to any other communities/groups for more visibility?
    curious to know..

    Well, it seems like there's an opportunity that we have for working together. Would like to connect & discuss. 🤗

    1. 2

      Hey! So if you read the full post here you'll see exactly what happened:


      Spoiler: it wasn't me that submitted the post!

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