November 11, 2019

I'm doin it

Will Smith @WillSmithSF

I've been diving deep into the world of resumes this year, and one thing that comes up over and over is that people want feedback on their resume.

AKA, resume reviews.

It's one of the core services that college career centers provide to students. It's the lead magnet that resume writers entice clients with. Job fairs and industry meetups regularly offer resume reviews. There's a thriving subreddit with 100k members helping job seekers with their resumes. And on and on.

I want to build a community for resume reviews, the authoritative destination on the internet providing this service that every job seeker needs.

Like a forum, but single purpose. You upload your resume, you get feedback from the community.

Make the UX really good, and set a strong culture of quality, and this could be an immensely popular and valuable resource for job seekers in North America and around the world.

And not only job seekers. There is a wide variety of people who could be interested in providing the resume reviews: resume writers, recruiters, career counselors, and good samaritans.

I've provided resume reviews myself, and been on the receiving end of gratitude from job seekers whose resumes I helped improve. It doesn't take very long, but adds tons of value to someone's life.

This site should exist, and I'm going to build it.

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