September 18, 2019

Came up with RocketChart idea

Philippe Vanderstigel @philippe_rocketchart

We are on family holidays in the south of France. It is peaceful and quiet. We have such a great time together. Going to the beach, playing and surfing with my brothers into the waves of Hossegor. So cool and resourceful. But my father is not enjoying at all. On his Excel, he has to update his cash flow spreadsheet. Export data from his bank account, categorize expenses, forecast his future cash flow. The contrast is terrible: we are enjoying it, but he just can't.

Why does he have to spend so much time doing it?
Simply because cash flow is the heart of each business, but it is not automated. There is no simple tool where you can get your expenses and revenues on the same dashboard.

This is the beginning of RocketChart: provide a simple tool where founders can manage their expenses and revenues at the same place. And it strikes me while chilling on the beach...

The next step is clear. I need to validate this idea: are there more people struggling to manage their cash flow?

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