December 10, 2019

Launching RocketChart Beta with our first users

Philippe Vanderstigel @philippe_rocketchart

This is it. After 3 months of hard work, we finally deployed our cash flow management web app last week and did the first demos! We've on-boarded the first 5 users who signed up among the very first on the waiting list.

Still 144 to on-board 🥵

The first feedbacks are awesome. We are very close to delivering enough value for our users to pay :)

I decided to write a detailed 28min long article about our journey 🔥 The goal is to share our learnings, success, and mistakes.

In this quite long post, you will discover:

  1. How we’ve got the idea of RocketChart — just looking around and solving our own pain point
  2. How we’ve validated our SaaS idea in 24 hours — a fake screenshot, 2 facebook posts, and 384 leads
  3. How we’ve understood the problem we wanted to solve — talking with more than 300+ business founders
  4. How this has ended in 150 Beta signups while we were building the product
  5. What we’d changed if we had to start again
  6. What are our 7 key takeaways

I hope it will help some of you when it comes to bootstrap a business and also prevents you from making the same mistakes we made 😊

Cheers ❤️

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