May 23, 2020

Today I decided to quit my job

Henry @talktohenryj

October 31st is the day.

We all need one right.

Well, that is mine.

This is an indie project but the goal is to be more than that. The goal is for this to be my way out of the 9-5 grind.

I have the plan all set but let me tell you a little about what I’ve done since we last spoke.

  1. Based on the extensive writing of @harry dry I decided to start a twitter account for Rocketship Jobs.

It has gone well so far but it hasn't surpassed my previous efforts on my personal twitter. I believe it will happen over time.

Right now it has 61 followers. I started it earlier this month and have only tweeted 80 times so I consider that pretty good.

  1. I started the process of moving my newsletter away from Substack.

Everyone always asks me why when I say that, the easiest way to explain it is lack of customization. It is very easy to use and has a great email editor but if you want to build a business Substack lacks a lot.

I am now running the newsletter on Webflow, Memberstack and Convertkit. Wish me luck!

  1. I hired a writer to help increase the output on my posts. She's going to take the podcasts and make ~1000 word articles out of them.

My hope for that is SEO and share-ability on social (Hackernews and reddit included).

My logic is right now I make the money to hire help and the goal is to get the business to the point I can hire help too so why not start now.

When I quit I want to have one years worth of savings minus the cost to run the business. The goal is by Oct 31st the business makes enough to break even. The only hard costs are the softwares I use to run it but also the writer and podcast editor. If times get hard, I could easily edit the podcast myself but right now I don’t have the time.

I feel this is a little bit of a different approach than a lot of Indie Hackers so I would love thoughts.

I’m doing this mainly because I don’t consider myself a writer. I want to run a business not become a writer. I understand marketing and I like podcasting. The rest is for the result.

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