October 24, 2019

Changed freemium model and 💥, great success!

Nate Ritter @nateritter

This last weekend we changed our pricing model from a 2-day full access free trial, and then subsequent CTA, to an infinite free trial to see the hotel prices but require an annual subscription to book. Along with that change we added a note/flag letting the user see which hotels they will save money above and beyond the annual subscription, thus showing them immediate value.

This was a theory that was hard to test, but many of our customers and trial users indicated would align with their wants and needs.

I’m happy to report the day we rolled it out we had past expired users come back and subscribe, as well as a few new visitors subscribe immediately.

In short, we jumped our MRR (and more importantly at this stage, our cash flow) 5x in less than a month by offering it this way. I’d say that’s confirmation!

We also finally will get our whole funnel tracking fixed up and working right by this weekend so we can see true conversion metrics across the journey.

Needless to say, I’m excited by the validation!

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