October 26, 2019

Hit $1k ARR today (5d before target)!

Nate Ritter @nateritter

Back on Oct 20 we finished switching over our model from a 2 day full trial to an infinite limited-trial + annual subscription only. It's paid off!

We've had this target since Sept 25 and we nailed it 5 days early!

For those following along, we made sure to let everyone who's previous 2-day trial had expired (about 200 in our list) that we were changing the model. We also promoted the change on social media. One of the things we highlighted was that our monthly subscription was going to go away, but we always grandfather in our subscribers. So, if they wanted the monthly subscription, they needed to get in before the end of the weekend.

We also mentioned what the new price was going to be, that it was going to be annual only, but if they were a trial member before and it had expired, they now were able to search for prices forever. To book they had to subscribe though.

That email got a pretty great response. Not only that, but it gave us something else to talk about on all our channels.

The end result was that we converted 4 or 5 new subscribers the day they opened their email and came back to try it out. Just goes to show how important staying top of mind is.

One other thing we did last week was make some landing page changes based on the advice of a GrowthHackers landing page tear down session. And, we're going to make even more changes because of you IH'ers (thank you!). The data will tell us if this simplification is working or not, but we've been amazed (once again) at the traffic IndieHackers has brought to us.

THANK YOU, IndieHackers, for your helpful comments, suggestions, trial signups, and just trying out the service. You know it's a work in progress, and we're tweaking, fixing, and improving every day.

Keep it coming!

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