August 20, 2019

Over 1/2 Way to First $ Goal + A Question For You

Nate Ritter @nateritter

Our first goal has been to hit $100 MRR. We're over half way there, which is exciting.

We've been working diligently at designing a more consistent brand, creating a location specific landing page that can be re-used in marketing efforts, learning from our trial members and users, and generating B2B partnerships.

Most of it is behind the scenes right now. I'd much prefer to be iterating quicker, but I'll take compounding daily progress over empty showiness any day of the week.

We haven't really been pushing any outbound marketing at the moment, but we're still getting plenty of trial signups on a daily basis, which is extremely encouraging!

Soon, we'll be switching over from a 2 day free trial to an infinite free trial, where you can see the deals but can't book them until you're an annual subscriber.

Here's where I'd love your input....

What if, for those who are free trial users, we highlighted specific hotels and deals when you're a trial member which would be wroth more than the annual membership fee?

It might work like this... you sign up for free. You do a search for a time and location and see the results and deals available. If the deal is worth more than the annual subscription you'd pay to become a member, we highlight that somehow and make it obvious that you're going to save more than you pay. Once registered, you go back to that deal and can book it.

Would that be valuable to you, as a trial member?

If you have any other ideas, hit me. I'd love to hear them in the comments. Thanks!

(Oh, and if you've already tried us out, by all means, give us some feedback. We're clamoring for more and are happy to compensate you for it.)

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