January 2, 2020

Shipped Google Login/Register

Nate Ritter @nateritter

To prepare for the upcoming Google Chrome / Firefox extension, we've just launched the ability to register / login using your Google account.

It's a small thing, but took longer than expected to get implemented.

We're really excited about the upcoming extension. Get notified when it's released here: https://www.producthunt.com/upcoming/room-steals

NOTE: It's currently supporting hotels.com and expedia.com with so many more to come.

We're also coming up on 1k users (currently at 929), so that's super exciting as well.

Lastly, the past few weeks we've been discussing our organization's mission as well as setting OKRs for 2020 as a whole and Q1 2020.

Since we solidified the mission and OKRs, I've updated our Tability.io goals and OKRs. So, it's sending notifications to our Slack channel for weekly updates. To make finding the critical numbers we each have, I put together a Statsbot.co dashboard. That'll make our weekly number updates quick and easy, so we can get on to more culture-type discussions that are more fun, plus we all know where we stand, what dial we can turn individually, and how it impacts our northstar metric and our goal for the next year.

In all, it's a big day. Not to mention it's the first day of 2020. So....


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