September 8, 2019

Idea >> domain >> brainstorm

jan van iperen @janvaniperen

There is this ratio between registered yet inactive domains in your portfolio against the ones that actually portray an active project... Quilty as charged, so I wanted this one to see a different course. And although the brain train of idea was already moving, it only came up to speed after having found the - for now - perfect domain. was actually found rather quickly and you might understand from the name that it did not take a difficult brainstorm to get there.

When you look at the basics of winemaking, the very basic is in the ground, the rootstocks from which eventually the vines will grow.

After registering I quickly started drafting and brainstorming on what it would look like and which format would suit that most.

As starting point it will be a - mostly text-only - paid-for newsletter.

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