September 8, 2019

Selected a platform for paid newsletter!

jan van iperen @janvaniperen

Due to a couple of podcasts that mentioned different services as well as build-from-scratch solutions, I decided to not waste time building a too complicated mash up of different services, probably connected through Zapier. Although that is also how I have my other newsletter running, for now I wanted to focus on growing it, providing good content and having a pay structure that simply works.

Because of the above I quickly settled for Substack. I set it up to be all ready for what was to come.
For some reason I decided to do the initial contact and collection of the first email addresses with Carrd, Zapier and GSuite... mostly to give the domain its credit.

May not have been the wisest of choices, as Substack ask a very high price ($50/m) for setting up a custom domain... so for now that will ask from the initial subscribers to also accept [email protected] as from address, but we will work that out later.

Seeing how Substack is developing and how it has a lot of options for gifting subscriptions and discounts, it is really is a good choice and the 10% seems reasonable... for now.

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