My email list is feeling rosie.

Last time I wrote how it took me 6 months to get to 100 email subscribers.

2 months later I'm at 207. So I guess I can make myself look good and say I more than doubled it. Clever me, eh? 🙃

Growth is slightly faster, though that is not my focus. These days I'm just pleased I can keep it going. And that I keep showing up with everything else that is going on in the world.

Also, important to me at this point is the face that people recommend and open the emails. I average 55% open rate, and people are increasingly recommending it.

I've been chipping away, trying to improve things week on week. Most importantly for me is to just have the consistency on improving and creating value.

I feel everything about Rosieland is still very much in 'figuring stuff out' phase and I've been reluctant to push or promote it too much. Lots of ideas that I like to slowly think upon and figure out how to juggle alongside my current and more important commitments.

A couple main things I did:

  • I moved over to Substack, it feels easy and much more like blogging, which I like.
  • I've started posting a question a week, Substack has a nice 'Threads' feature for that. Essentially, it enables me to start building more of a community. I really dig this. Simple, yet powerful.
  • Revamped my Community resource using Notion. I'm quite pleased with it as it really is a bit of a second community brain for me.
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    Congrats, I started https://bullish.email and got my first 1k after I published this article detailing the process of building it on Hacker News - https://eduardosasso.co/blog/turning-my-obsession-in-the-stock-market-into-a-side-project/

    1. 1

      Oh, that's a good idea, I'll steal some of your ideas :)

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    Wow, love that list of resources. You've got a new subscriber also ;)

  3. 1

    Really interesting, thanks Rosie! Had somehow never come across Substack, looks awesome :)

  4. 1

    Yay, I love that you're okay with going slow and growing at your own pace, Rosie. Definitely encouraging that the numbers are going up, and those recommends are happening.

    I'm also enjoying Substack since I moved there, and I've been posting a thread each month for members, too.

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    Where do we sign up? Let's make that 1000!

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