November 7, 2019

Hit 1k DAU and first $500 AdMob payment

Nano Heredia @devnano

I keep developing Rosta as side project. I keep spending every Monday to tackle current sprint tasks. I release a new app version at least every two weeks and then plan the next sprint tasks.

For the current version 1.12(38) I redesigned/reimplemented the "Support Rosta" popup – main "In App Purchase Call to Action". It features:

  1. Improved copy:
    1.1. Title: Is Rosta is useful for you?
    1.2. Would you buy the premium app icon to help me to keep developing it?
    1.3. No Thanks / Buy for $2.99
  2. Removed maybe later action. Just yes / no
  3. Use colors for CTA buttons.

The next couple of weeks I'll be measuring if it improves the conversion rates or not.

Ads revenue reached the $500 threshold I set on AdMob so I'll get my first payment.

For the near feature: I have some more ideas to keep with the incremental improvements.

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