November 21, 2019

Getting into growth mode

Somangshu Goswami @somangshu

We hit $400 in revenue and now have a consistent amount of traffic in order to get the supply out.

  1. We started running social media ads last week and gave out discounts to people on their first order. They loved the food and then started referring their friends. We got 500+ customers by spending a less amount of money. We are now seeing customers return and place second orders.
  2. Good amount of our orders happened due to referrals from within the app.
  3. Our marketing campaign helps us get close to 100 new customers daily with a spend of less than $10
  4. Since our chefs have started to get orders, they are more active, they upload new dishes thereby increasing variety in the app and helping the customer with better options.
  5. On an average, an order gets rated 4 stars and above (out of 5), which helps us to retain customers and boost recommendations.
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