November 21, 2019

Launched in bengaluru

Somangshu Goswami @somangshu

Context - We have launched for home chefs in Bangalore, India and will be launching for taking orders from customers in the next 2 weeks.

Continuous conversation with both users - Home chefs and Customers has been a key factor.

Our primary metric currently is getting a variety of dishes added by multiple home chefs on to the platform across different locations in Bengaluru, India. So far 152 chefs have added 501 dishes in the last 19 days. We have been growing 39.5% wow in the number of dishes and 20% wow in the number of chefs ( who have added dishes ). We have registered 585 chefs in Bengaluru since 4th July.

A major part of this growth is because we ran Instagram ads for 15 days spending close to 115$ at 0.077$ per lead acquisition.

3 .Sending over app notifications, sms and emails ( which land in the inbox - extremely crucial ) prompting the chefs to add more dishes and complete their registration.

For the customer, we will be rolling out a campaign to give out early access discount coupons. We will be utilizing influencers, Facebook groups, whatsapp groups etc.

Today's Top Milestones
  • MVP Launch
    Unlike many of my past creations, I wanted to launch as fast as possible to gauge interest from the community. Being an information-drive