November 21, 2019

The chicken & egg problem

Somangshu Goswami @somangshu

Well honestly, our primary metric has marginally improved but is slower than we expected. The past one week went by fixing bugs and other issues. We are positive that this week onwards, growth will be higher.

  1. We see a huge spike in the app being shared as soon as we introduced referrals.
  2. Also, chefs are now sharing their profiles and dishes with their friends owing to referrals.

------ sprint 2 ------

  1. We have started sending notifications right before lunch and dinner to users to let them know about the number of dishes and chefs near them.
  2. We also credited Rs. 25 in each users account to give them free delivery for the first order. Avg order cost is Rs. 120 and our profit on that is approx Rs. 25 and hence free delivery on the first order is justified.
  3. We are partnering with bloggers and influencers who will be verifying our chefs by placing orders with them and also leveraging their audience to get us more orders.
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