October 18, 2019

Exploring abroad for our special needs Saas

Ger Apeldoorn @ger

Next week we are attending Microconf Europe and I'm looking forward to getting connected to all those people with interesting stories!

RoutineFactory is a high touch SaaS solution to help people with special needs to be more self reliant. Because of the high-touch nature and due to our size we currently are only able to do active business development in our home country, the Netherlands.

I would love to explore possibilities on how we can expand into other countries, we have a highly valued product and only a small part of the world knows about it.

This seems like a great opportunity to me for a (non-technical) founder to get started with a fully functioning and validated product. We would be the suppliers of the platform and our partner would provide the services and sell the subscriptions.

Another option would be to hire people in the area, but for the coming years this would be too much of a distraction.

I'm positive that there are other options out there, if you have some insights or want to chat about this, hit me up!