November 1, 2019

🌱 Optimized IG & FB ads to $0.02 CPC!

Tim @tim103

After launching my new Instagram comment managment service - the traffic was very slow. I figured I might as well test out some paid advertising on google & facebook/Instagram (whilst also trying other methods).

I started out by making a whole heap of campagins (with a low $5/daily budget), ad sets and ads that were targeting different countries, interests etc in each. At the beginning it wasn't working very well and some of the campaigns were between $5-$10 per link click (CPC), eep!! Much too high for my budget. 🤦‍♂️

I kept testing more audiences & interests and finally I started to see some better results. Some of the campaigns were between $0.40 - $0.60c (on facebook), much much better however still too high. I removed all the higher cost campaigns, including all of the google ads campaigns and duplicated the ones that were working well and made lots of changes to audiences & locations. T

This morning I woke up and one of my campaigns had over 100 clicks at $0.02 CPC! More than 50% were from USA. Yeww.

I know I still have more optimizing to do as I haven't actually generated any signups from it yet - but I'm sure with further optimizations I can get there....hopefully!

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