August 31, 2019

I created a video walkthrough for the landing page

John Datserakis @johndatserakis

Now that RSVP Keeper is launched, I looked at what assets I'd need for marketing.

One thing that seemed obvious right away was the need for a video of some sort. The app itself is a bit complex - due to the nature of RSVP's - so I figured a video walkthrough would be the best idea. Also I noticed a lot of my competitors have videos on their landing pages.

I spent a long time researching how to accomplish the task. I'm not a big outsourcer - which is probably one of my faults. But I've edited many videos in the past for friends' bands - so I figured I'd just buckle down and record a screencast and then comment over it.

Well - it's launched now and I think it turned out ok! I'd like to see what you all think. For zero dollars - it's right in my budget and doubles as a good tutorial on how to use the app! Ha.

Direct link:
RSVP Keeper landing:

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