September 12, 2019

Launch IH - RSVP Keeper

John Datserakis @johndatserakis

Hey Hackers!

Today is the day! After about a four-month development term, I'm officially launching RSVP Keeper. And of course I'd like to share it here with my fellow grinders. I've also posted it to Product Hunt today

Long story short - I had gotten married recently and had to of course work on getting the wedding RSVP's in order. As a dev by trade, I was kinda astonished that I couldn't find any online options that were pretty, simple to setup, and easy for guests to fill out.

A lot of what I found out there was super difficult to use and seemed to be made years ago and just treading water now.

So, after I licked the last envelope I started working on RSVP Keeper.

The main goal, and complete focus, for RSVP Keeper is simplicity. I wanted it to be easy for hosts and easy for guests.

You know, I sorta see online RSVP's as somewhat of an untapped market - I mean look at my situation, I'm literally a developer and still sent out paper invites to my wedding just because it's tried and true. Although geez it was expensive, $500+ - and that's normal I guess when I asked friends.

So I want to bring some of that tried and true to the online RSVP world, so that people feel confident their guests were able to fill out their posts, and that the setup process is simple and streamlined.

RSVP Keeper supports Additional Events, Custom Questions, Seating Charts, and more - and everything is included in the initial free plan which serves 50 guests. If you need more guests, that's when you'll pay - $19.99 for up to 250 guests or $29.99 for up to 500.

One thing I'm really happy about with this app is that there is a direct way to make money for me. As stupid as it sounds I've made a bunch of apps in the past but they basically all failed - mainly due to the fact that there wasn't a direct way to monetize the content other than ads. I was sorta waiting on the viral-nature of it all, which of course we all know is more miss than hit.

Anyways - thanks for checking it out. I really appreciate the support!

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