November 17, 2019

Our first ticketed event!


Last weekend we had our first ticketed event! It was a super secret show at an undisclosed venue. Our privacy features kept it quiet to everyone except for whomever the host wanted to know about it.

Things we learned:

• While our event management system is not as robust as Eventbrite’s (we are still in MVP) we were able to swiftly add features on the go as the host needed. Our devs are awesome!

• We need to more easily incorporate sign up or checkout as guest (with email) to the checkout process.

• There are things we can do to create a clearer and more sticky web app. We are rethinking the design of our MVP interface.

Overall it went great! The host sold around 130 tickets making approximately $12K. We waived our fee to make sure we got the event on our platform. We had a few bugs with Stripe Connect but squashed those and added customer facing errors.

Excited for more people to try out RSVP for any event!

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