October 3, 2019

An Idea is Born

Eathan Janney @Eathan

@chrisjustin and Eathan Janney had been participating in a business Mastermind together for several months. Both were enjoying their business projects, facing challenges and growing. But Chris started to feel a nagging lack of fulfillment. He'd achieved the dream of working from home and gaining flexibility with his time, but craved more connection with others and desired a sense of contribution to a wider community. He shared his idea of starting a podcast with Eathan and they started to percolate the idea.

Foundationally, the podcast would be about discussing business ideas. But after further discussion, Eathan and Chris came up with some cool modifications. What if you got already successful business owners to share ideas? That would be cool because they'd probably be pretty solid ideas. What if the listeners were encouraged to try the ideas out? That would be cool because there would be more engagement and it would highlight the action-taking ethos that Chris and Eathan wanted to share with the world. It wasn't long before Run With It was fully fleshed out.

"Without the bandwidth to implement every one of their great new ideas, already successful business owners can't realize their full potential by launching each new one. At the same time, many driven people want to run a business but don't know how to start.

Run With It bridges that gap. Established entrepreneurs share one of their new ideas or brainstorm a new project with us. In the process, we share with the audience some exact steps they could take to start it. We encourage our listeners to take massive action on that plan. They report back, and we connect the person who's impressed us most with you for one mentorship call and if there's promise, a potential business partnership."

Chris and Eathan decided to meet regularly to see if this podcast idea could take off...

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