October 3, 2019

Finally figured out how to make audio not suck

Chris Justin @chrisjustin

Had a call with Craig Constantine who's been doing the Movers Mindset podcast for several years now.


He extended an open invite to ask him any questions for all members of Seth Godin's The Podcasting Fellowship.

I'd been frustrated with my audio quality for several episodes now, made worse by the fact that I wouldn't be able to change anything for weeks, since we still have a few unreleased episodes.

He jumped on a call with me and for 30 minutes helped me test various microphone positions, giving me real-time feedback on what sounded best.

Sure, I could have recorded myself and figured it out asynchronously, but this was much faster. Plus, it gave me assurance from someone who's been in the game for a while.

As a bonus, my setup no longer covers half my face, so I feel like I'll be able to connect with guests more readily!

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