October 3, 2019

Todoist: Contact 3 Potential Guests

Eathan Janney @Eathan

We set out to recruit our first guests and in the absence of any specific advice we just decided to get started. Eathan and Chris would each send out a few emails and cc the other one. No guest was off-limits per se, but we decided to focus on entrepreneurs that probably had 6 figure revenues or beyond. We were happy to speak with guests at the small and very large ends of the revenue spectrum beyond that threshold. We would each take a look at the other's messages and modify our own messages according to what seemed to work well or seemed to be an improvement in the message. We'd also each keep a basic message template and slightly tweak it with each new message.

Both of us have some marketing and copywriting experience so we came up with pretty good messages to start with. The basic structure consisted of A. An introduction commenting on something specific that the potential guest would appreciate us knowing about B. A transition to explaining why we reached out and an explanation of the podcast. C. An invitation to join us.

The methodology of continuously tweaking the emails and looking for strong points to incorporate from each other meant that we'd continuously evolve and improve on our outreach strategy.

We made sure to read at least an article or listen to a podcast to understand each potential guest. So inherently our strategy was to reach out to fewer people but to have more understanding of each person that we contacted.

Lessons learned:
It's great to have a partner in all this and we probably wouldn't have gotten as far as we have without each other's support.

Just getting started and also using a template that you can iterate and improve upon are both key strategies that helped us make progress so far.

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