November 24, 2020

What makes for a remarkable podcast?

Chris Justin @chrisjustin

Our show's trajectory changed when @csallen selected us to be part of the Indie Hacker's Podcast Network.

Our focus shifted dramatically after being selected. We no longer had to consider hundreds of ways to grow the show. All we had to do is pass the bar to be featured in the Indie Hackers feed.

We got there with an "inside the business" episode about how an Italian restaurant and wine delivery business can keep the doors open during the pandemic.

Our episode was downloaded ~9k times on Indie Hackers, but we barely saw a bump in internal downloads. Even worse, most listeners dropped off within the first couple minutes of the episode.

We were obviously disappointed by this but also a bit surprised. Courtland thought this episode was good enough to be included in his feed but maybe his judgment is biased because he's gotten to know and like us. According to the listeners, it doesn't stand up on its own.

Courtland often uses the word "remarkable" when describing podcast marketing. What makes your show so good that someone would literally remark upon it to others?

We're experimenting with ways to get there.

We've cut our intro down and made it more casual (inspired by the My First Million guys).

We're doing much more research before every episode, both on the guest and the idea they are bringing.

We're cutting down on fourth wall breaks of explaining to the listener and instead we're just having the conversation that we find interesting.

Will report back once we get more data on these changes.

Today's Top Milestones
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