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To help developers run their CI/CD builds on GitLab in a simple and affordable way.

March 2, 2021 Sent launch email to waitlist

I collected a small waitlist of emails while building the MVP. Today I sent a launch email to that list. I will follow it up with a couple of follow up emails.

My next steps are to closely monitor any signups to make sure everything is working and continue looking for ways to promote it.

February 27, 2021 Launched RunBuildRun

RunBuildRun is now live and already serving one paying customer.

The goal for now is to spread the word and start getting more users.

I have a small email waitlist gathered through the landing page that I will email next week to notify of the site being live.

Check it out:

February 11, 2021 MVP is code complete

The initial version of RunBuildRun is code complete. It supports creating a standard sized GitLab runner that gets registered into your GitLab project or group. It also integrates with Stripe for payments.

Next steps are:

  • Get the app running in production
  • Update the landing page to direct users into the app instead of the waitlist
January 27, 2020 Created landing page and started building

I've had the idea for a while to build a SaaS that offers fully managed runners for GitLab, and potentially other platforms in the future. Today, GitLab announced the removal and reduction of their lower tier plans. This has resulted in several online discussions in which developers are talking about wanting to run their own GitLab Runners, so it seems like the perfect time to work on this idea.

Today, I created a landing page at using Umso. I've also started developing the MVP which I hope to launch very soon.

To help developers run their CI/CD builds on GitLab in a simple and affordable way.