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Ruttl is the fastest website feedback tool which allows you to leave comments on live websites and make real-time edits so you can share precise design values with your developers!

July 28, 2021 Static Image Reviewing Feature

We know from our own experience that the website code or interface designs aren’t just the only things that design teams work on. They involve working on a lot of static images like illustrations as well.

So, we’ve introduced a new feature in Ruttl - Static image review. With this feature, you can collaborate on web design images with your team and the client, and review the same by adding pixel-pinned comments. This will ensure that static design feedback is contextual across the team.

July 19, 2021 Added The Support For Guest Commenting! ⚡

No one likes to take extra efforts while working on something, right? And expecting that from your clients? That's even more absurd! So we've gone ahead and made working with clients a LOT easier by introducing an all new Guest Commenting feature!

Now your clients can leave contextual comments on your web projects without the need of logging in using ruttl. Simply share the shareability link with them, the client or guest has to just enter their name, and then they can instantly start leaving comments on the webpage.

The best part? You as the project owner have access to all comments. You can mark them resolved, unresolved, or even delete the ones which are not required.

July 12, 2021 Launched Custom Branding

We get it. You want to use Ruttl but want to look more professional. That’s why we are now introducing custom branding into Ruttl! With this feature, the owner of the Team plan can replace the Ruttl logo and icon with their own logo and icon on the app.

They can also narrow it down to their preferred primary colour and text highlight colour, which will be visible on the app's CTAs, and also while hovering on menus and other links. This will help you to offer a more personalized experience to your clients while working with them on their web design projects.

July 11, 2021 Say Hello To Trello Integration With Ruttl!

Using Trello for managing all your projects? It's definitely a robust platform used by a lot of design teams lately! That's why our team is excited to introduce the all new Trello integration in Ruttl!

Using this new feature, you can integrate your Ruttl account with your Trello board. With this integration, Ruttl can directly do several tasks such as creating and updating cards, lists and your workspaces.

July 1, 2021 Ruttl Users Can Now Resolve Edits

Edit mode is one of the most used features on Ruttl. We got a lot of feedback from users requesting to allow them to resolve their edits. Well, now any collaborator on your project with edit access can resolve edits.

Your teammates can now resolve edits on Ruttl by clicking on the avatar/profile image of the editor in the Activities Panel. Also, everyone can also see who had resolved the last set of edits by simply hovering over the avatar/profile image of the resolved edit’s icon.

June 3, 2021 Added The Support For E-Signing Feature! ✍

You can now approve web pages in a project on Ruttl.

The project owner will have to select an approver (or approvers). Once they approve a webpage, no more comments or edits can be made, unless the page is unapproved again. You will also be able to see who has approved the webpage.

June 3, 2021 Ruttl's Slack Integration Is Live! ⚡

We have integrated Slack into Ruttl. This way, you will get notified about all activities on your project, like:

When a comment is added to your project, or to a project you're a part of 💬
When someone mentions you in a comment 🙋‍♂️
When someone adds a webpage in the project 📕
When someone adds a version to any of the webpages ⏳
& a few more to keep you 'in-the-loop' of things ➰

May 27, 2021 Added Video Commenting mode! 📹

Ruttl users had been asking for video recording and sharing feedback feature for quite some time. It was on a top priority in our product pipeline. We tried reaching out to Loom for a possible integration but the response was getting delayed.

There was no point wasting time dwelling on it. So guess what we did? We just built our own video commenting feature natively inside Ruttl within 1 week!

So now, Ruttl’s comment mode has been enriched with screen recording capability. While Ruttl records your screen, you can hover over elements and speak of the changes required. That’s how we took contextual feedback to the next level - quite literally!

April 23, 2021 Ruttl Is Now 2x faster! ⚡

We were trying to pinpoint ways in which Ruttl could be optimized for a faster experience. One of the biggest ways to quickly improve this was by making sure Ruttl loads up websites faster in any new project. So, the developers and product team got together to work on it and get these changes implemented on a priority.

After working for several hours with the team, we pushed the update live and Ruttl is now 2x faster than before at loading up websites inside a project! 🚄

April 9, 2021 Added The Support For Inline Text Editing 💻

The ability to do content editing on live websites is a big part of Ruttl's core features. To make this feature better, we were trying to come up with better ways to help text formatting function to the users.

But simplicity brings more to the table. Following this rule, our developers came up with idea of inline text editing and shipped the update live today! ✨

Users can now access their web page inside ruttl, edit any text and select the text that they wish to highlight. They will be able to use the inline editing toolbar right on top of the text box to performs functions such as bold, italics, or underline. 👨‍💻


Ruttl is the fastest website feedback tool which allows you to leave comments on live websites and make real-time edits so you can share precise design values with your developers!