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Collecting and communicating feedback on live websites can be cumbersome. With ruttl, you can provide direct feedback on live websites and invite all stakeholders to collaborate on the project, thereby reducing hassles.

May 27, 2021 Added Video Commenting mode! 📹

Ruttl users had been asking for video recording and sharing feedback feature for quite some time. It was on a top priority in our product pipeline. We tried reaching out to Loom for a possible integration but the response was getting delayed.

There was no point wasting time dwelling on it. So guess what we did? We just built our own video commenting feature natively inside Ruttl within 1 week!

So now, Ruttl’s comment mode has been enriched with screen recording capability. While Ruttl records your screen, you can hover over elements and speak of the changes required. That’s how we took contextual feedback to the next level - quite literally!

April 23, 2021 Ruttl Is Now 2x faster! ⚡

We were trying to pinpoint ways in which Ruttl could be optimized for a faster experience. One of the biggest ways to quickly improve this was by making sure Ruttl loads up websites faster in any new project. So, the developers and product team got together to work on it and get these changes implemented on a priority.

After working for several hours with the team, we pushed the update live and Ruttl is now 2x faster than before at loading up websites inside a project! 🚄

April 9, 2021 Added The Support For Inline Text Editing 💻

The ability to do content editing on live websites is a big part of Ruttl's core features. To make this feature better, we were trying to come up with better ways to help text formatting function to the users.

But simplicity brings more to the table. Following this rule, our developers came up with idea of inline text editing and shipped the update live today! ✨

Users can now access their web page inside ruttl, edit any text and select the text that they wish to highlight. They will be able to use the inline editing toolbar right on top of the text box to performs functions such as bold, italics, or underline. 👨‍💻

April 6, 2021 Released Unsplash Integration 🖼️

Images are a big part of reviewing websites in post development stage. However, when you need to change images on the website, it's annoying to go back to unsplash, research new images and come back to make the changes. So to make lives easier, Ruttl is now supporting native integration with Unsplash!

You can now search images on Unsplash and replace them on your website - directly inside ruttl. Also, developers can download the replaced image directly from the edit mode. How did you like that? 🤩

April 6, 2021 Ruttl Can Now Replace Images On Live Websites 🖼️

Design teams often work on projects where images are involved. However, any time they need to replace the image, it's a big hassle. So, I decided to optimize Ruttl for this particular process.

Now, Ruttl supports the feature to quickly replace images on a live website. Users can upload as many images as needed across dimensions and formats within no time - that too on a live website! 🌟

February 24, 2021 Add Multiple Versions Of Websites Inside Ruttl! 💡

This update was specially created by taking into account that many teams frequently work on multiple versions of any website design. As a result, creating new Ruttl project for every version is clearly not the efficient way of doing things! 👀

To make working on new versions easier, we have added the new "Versioning" capabilities to Ruttl. Now users can revisit all the website versions they are working on by recording them. Navigating all the versions is fast and teams can easily collaborate to optimize their website designs.

To pull the latest version of a website, users simply need to click on the ‘Version’ button on the bottom left side of the screen. A dropdown menu will appear, click on the ‘Pull latest version’, and Voila! The latest version of the website will load.

January 25, 2021 Made User Experience Better With Activity Panel ✅

The user experience had been broken on ruttl when it came to switching between Comment and Inspect mode. In fact, not everyone figured out that we have an inspect mode. 👀

With this update, we went ahead and merged the comment and inspect mode into an all new 'Activity panel' showing both comments and edits in the same place.

From the Activities panel, users can check all the website edits, content changes and comments on web pages. This way, the team never loses track of ongoing activities. Anyone from the team can check all the latest activities done on a website project. The development team can easily navigate those suggestions and use them for the final codes to create pixel perfect designs.

We are hoping that this update will make the review process much easier and faster for Ruttl users! ⚡

July 1, 2020 Launching the ruttl chrome extension

To access ruttl, I came up with the idea of building my own chrome extension.

So, if you had to add a website link to review, you load that particular website, & on that same tab, you click on our extension.

Select the project name in which you would like to add the page, & voila! - Your page was added.

June 1, 2020 Crossed 1000 waitlisted users!

After extensive industry research, analysis and ideation, I have worked with the central idea of purely addressing the pain point in the design industry.

With the constant development of my idea, the landing page has received wide recognition!

A key milestone to the ruttl team! We have achieved 1000 users in our waitlist, & this was just the beginning - we were not stopping here!

March 1, 2020 Made the ruttl website live!

The idea behind my product, ruttl, came out of my own experience in the vast industry of designing. I started this journey with the vision of solving the issue of collaboration amongst creative projects.

With the idea of making this product known to the world, I decided to launched the landing page of the product.

Although a long way to go ahead, excited for the journey that ahs begun!

You can access the landing page here at -

Collecting and communicating feedback on live websites can be cumbersome. With ruttl, you can provide direct feedback on live websites and invite all stakeholders to collaborate on the project, thereby reducing hassles.