October 29, 2020

Go-to-Market strategies for SaaS companies

Natalie Luneva @NatalieLuneva

SaaS Boss Episode 44 - Today I interview Dekker Fraser and we talk about Go-to-Market strategies for SaaS companies. Dekker is a veteran Silicon Valley marketer who worked for many tech companies including Sony PlayStation, Google-backed Rocket Lawyer, and venture-backed Webgility. He holds an MBA in marketing from the Kellogg School of Management. He is also the author of several product marketing books, one of them is Product Launch: how to go to market.

We discuss:

  • The key pillars of a successful Go-to-Market strategy

  • The major mistakes SaaS Founders make in the early stages

  • How small startups can compete with large companies

  • How to successfully connect with potential partners and influencers


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Check out Dekker's 1-page product marketing plan template here https://bit.ly/3iR8U0z