December 26, 2019

The Idea

Topher @toadally

With The Four Week SaaS almost done, it was time to decide how to move forward. I enjoyed the build and community involvement on the first project (FormCaster). I also realized that while building a SaaS in four weeks is perfectly doable, it's simply not enough time to really make an impact.

Knowing these things gave me the idea for the path forward, so I decided to turn Four Week SaaS into a community with ongoing builds to follow along with.

Community needs structure, so I decided to drop the idea of keeping builds to four weeks, as that's too restrictive and too hard for followers to really get into, and allow the build to be of different lengths as needed. This defeats structure, so I've opted to group building into Seasons to reacquire structure.

The Community is on Facebook and the site is at

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