April 3, 2020

#1 on Product Hunt

Adriaan van Rossum @adriaanvanrossum

Super happy to wake up this morning and see Saas for COVID on the homepage of Product Hunt. Not sure if this will stay the case for the whole day, but it's a nice start.

Product Hunt

I added it yesterday and scheduled it for today, but somehow I was able to share the post with others and let people vote on it. So I thought it was launched. I shitty launch, but okay.

But this morning I realized it still did launch the following day, so I'm happy ;)

Today's Top Milestones
  • 🍾 First Response & Second Sale
    What a day, I got a response from my first customer in the meantime, second sale happened. I sold a bundle which includes both August and September da
  • Launched on Product Hunt
    After being live for a week, howdy.so is launched on Product Hunt today producthunt.com Before the launch, the map got around 50 pins. Let's see how m