December 16, 2019

Completely a new version and a new website + story


I just finished the renovation of the website ( for the absolutely new version of the product (which is currently open-source and can be found on GitHub

I completely rewrote the old version of SaaS boilerplate, what I actually did:

  • Moved to ReactJS from Vue.js
  • tried to provide a modular approach
  • made a new design that looks much better than the previous one
  • provided JWT authentication.

Now, a little bit more details...

Moved to ReactJS from Vue.js

My main and most interesting experience was moving to ReactJS from Vue.js. Why did I? First of all, my clients (that I did a custom development for) asked if I had ReactJS version), then I monitored some platforms (like Upwork) and saw ReactJS is getting more popular so I wanted to see why. I started reading ReactJS manuals and was able to start coding right away (what was a very good sign). I can't say everything went smooth but I liked ReactJS:

  • it's more native-JS than Vue.js
  • some things look weird (like manual binding methods to this) but it means it's "more native-JS"
  • I really liked JSX (why didn't I like it before?)

A modular approach

Another thing I was trying to remake was to provide a modular approach. I did a lot of research and refactoring and came to the idea to keep the back-end and front-end code relevant to the same functionality in one place (folder). It makes the development easier and also you can create parts separately. To avoid hustling with Python imports I do it automatically (when the app starts running it checks folders, finds modules and register them) so you don't need to think about it. But it's still in experimental mode :)

A new design

I also did a lot of research on SaaS dashboards and tried to find a style I really liked. I think I succeed but it's still a lot of work ahead :)

JWT authentication

What ate 75% of my time and efforts. The Internet is full of tutorials on how to use and implement JWT but no good explanation or full-stack workflows. So, I'm going to write an article on my experience.

The future

Not I'm working on the paid modules, the first one I'm going to implement would be:

  • payment / subscription
  • user administration dashboard.

Also, I'm going to add components and modules into the open-source version to make it more valuable.

PS I wanted to add a couple of screenshots to this article but markdown doesn't work for them or I use it wrong (@csallen can you please help? thanks!)

Please share your expression and if you like the boilerplate please start it - it's so empty now :))))


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