October 1, 2019

September's almost over...


Well, it was a month full of some activities. Look:

  1. I've done the second custom development project. It was based on the boilerplate I've made. The process was very interesting and I managed to earn some money.

  2. Finally, I've finished "The Book On Deployment". I put my experience in deployment web apps to AWS and Heroku there. Check it here: https://www.saasforge.dev/books/the-book-on-deployment

  3. I did a lot of tutoring and mentoring, mostly newbies but also I was consulting a person that is building a fin-tech startup on top of the SaaS Forge boilerplate.

  4. I updated the SaaS Forge web site, changed the whole structure, and added more products.

  5. I introduced 2 new products: consulting and custom development. Now I'm thinking how to handle it and where to get the next customers :)

Plans for October:

  1. Add 2 use cases with testimonials
  2. Publish documentation on the website
  3. Add more features into the template
  4. Find more customers!
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Today's Top Milestones
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  • We Are Hosting A Self Advocacy webinar
    We are hosting Interview Negotiation and Self Advocacy webinar. Would you like to attend? https://careermove.io/events/negotiation
  • Launched on ProductHunt!
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  • Crossed 200$ in total sales
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  • Took a break in publishing for reevaluation
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  • Two months after launching
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  • Released V1 to the iOS App Store
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  • SEO is back on track & breaking revenue records
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