We are going to raise prices but...

We heard several times from other people "Why were your prices so low?" and we didn't take this seriously until... several days ago we signed off a new custom development contract and I started feeling like we are giving our templates for free.

But it's not fair. There is a lot of work put into these templates and they really can save a loooot of time and efforts. And we want to be more appealing to middle-size startups and companies - that's why we think we must raise our prices.

Two good news though:

  1. We are not going to raise prices right away. It will happen on September, 22nd. So, there is a lot of time to buy boilerplates using old prices.

  2. All promo codes are still valid! We probably raise them too. So, if you found somewhere a promo code saying "$5 off" maybe it will be "$25" or so after September, 22nd.

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