Aquired DeployBot.com

Our first project became DeployBot.com, which we acquired from WildBit.

With DeployBot you can instantly build and ship code anywhere in one consistent process for your entire team. DeployBot makes deployment simpler, faster and easier without the added complexity of a full Continuous Integration system. It creates a straightforward and consistent process for the entire team to deploy code anywhere there’s an integration or open interface protocol.

DeployBot saves time by executing the necessary preset scripts and commands, like when you’re minifying code, updating assets on a CDN, or installing dependencies. Keep everyone in the loop with DeployBot. On every deployment, it sends a notification over your favorite messenger, including Slack. Plus you’ll never need to manually track changes again. So if you do have a problematic release, you can quickly roll it back.

DeployBot works in combination with GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, or any other Git repository. It’s also compatible with Amazon’s AWS, DigitalOcean, heroku, Shopify, and others (cloud providers like Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure coming soon).

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