Launched on Hacker News and failed miserably

So yesterday I pushed some new small changes that I made over the last couple evenings and wanted to share SaaS Inspire with others .

I submitted to Show HN, but did not do my homework and did not share my HN post with anyone, I thought that somebody would like the post and it would appear in show section. However, it did not. The submission went down to the bottom of news section and was lost forever🤦‍♂️

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    Agree with other commenters that it’s largely luck and can take a number of tries. Post title and introductory comment can also make a big difference. What’s the link to your HN post? Happy to give feedback on that.

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        Okay #1 mistake is not introducing your project in a comment. Here's how I did it in my Show HN.

        You don't want it to seem like you're just hitting up HN from some easy traffic/sales, you're showing off something you're proud of and are expressing a desire to get feedback from the HN community. If you put in the time to do this well then HN is much more likely to upvote your post or add a comment.

        My second suggestion would be to get at least 1 or 2 people you know to throw a sincere question in the comments. You're not trying to the game the system, you're just trying to get the discussion started. People are more likely to upvote if they find the discussion interesting.

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          Wow, you killed it 💪

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    Hey, Mantas! Don't fret too much about it. I posted on HN about 20 times over the course of 9 months, 1 finally got the bait just 2 days ago (https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=23039648).

    And I would be cautious with sharing your HN post and asking people for upvotes because your post will automatically get buried by the software/admins (ref: https://news.ycombinator.com/newsfaq.html#ring)

    It's got to do a lot with luck, a lot of luck. Don't give up and keep hustling!

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      Thank you for sharing a good tip!

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      Thanks for advice, Yusuf! I guess maybe better luck will be the next time :)

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        No problemo! Wishing you all the best with your project, SaaS Inspire :)

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    Hi Mantas,

    I honestly think your site is dope! In my opinion you missed the marketing part, not only at the moment of submit it to HN, but also on social networks weeks, or even months before the launch. If you show the value of your product to your possible customers during a certain period of time, you're driving the demand.

    Easier said than done, but it's a very good way to validate and progress on your idea.

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      Thanks for advice! The thing with saas inspire is that it's actually not a sellable product, at the moment it is more a directory type of website and the main goal right now is raise awareness and grow traffic - which I think is harder than other types of products like saas because users are not tied to the product financially - they don't have to pay to use it and they have to be genuinely interested in it.

      Regarding social networks, how would you recommend marketing a website there if I don't have any audience on twitter. What channels could be utilised (except reddit)?

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        Hi again,

        I don't see that not being a paid product would be an impediment for growing traffic at all. I would even argue that it is much better for the users as their ROI is infinite not having to pay a dime for the content. I'm thinking about myself...web-sites I visit the most are free.

        I'm not an expert whatsoever, but I think it's much better if you tell your story and share your journey on any social network. I'm pretty much biased since I like Twitter a lot, but there is a bunch of social networks out there to start publishing.

        Regarding growing your audience, there is a guy in Twitter that has done it pretty well imo (I'm not financially tied to him in any form or shape). He has built a course about it (haven't bought it though) and also have shared a lot of the content in some thread in Twitter and also in Reddit:


        As for your web-site, I find it extremely useful for people looking for a quick design idea as well. Maybe designers another target group you should focus on (at least it would be appealing for me).

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          Thanks for advice! I really appreciate that!

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    I once got on #1 on HN for about a half day and it definitely took a couple of upvotes from my friends and lots of luck. Just FYI, I have seen the article saying that upvote from a direct link does not count on Hacker News. I will be careful to be marked as a spam but I would definitely try posting more to get that luck ;)

    Good luck my friend!

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    I wouldn't classify this as a failure - hackernews is so hard to get right on. You really need a lot of early engagement in order to break off of the new pages. You've learnt now and know next time what to do/change.

    Also slightly unrelated but with SaaS inspire how are you getting metrics like bounce rate, avg. visit time etc?

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      I get the metrics via SimilarWeb

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    I feel you - this morning I posted the podcast episode directory from https://podboxer.com as a Show HN.

    Was my first ever post on hacker news.

    Was flying at number 1 for an hour and then a mod took the Show HN out of the title so it ended up in the general mix. Somewhere low on page 3 as I type this 🙁

    The highs and lows.

    I saw your tool and going to take a look at it to maybe include in my other newsletter next week (Startup Resources)

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      Hey Paul, sorry to hear that. I can truly say that I know how this feels :)

      Thanks for support!

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    What do you mean by not doing your homework?

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      I did not do any planning, I did not try to share with anyone that I am posting on HN, I just posted to Show HN and hoped that It would grab someones atention, but it didn't.

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        How could you share with? On reddit, here, twitter?

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          Yes, mainly in these communities that you have listed

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            Thanks. I’ll learn from your mistake :)

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