October 11, 2019

Issue #34 sent to 50

Jeff Doan @jefff

With minimal marketing, organic SEO is leading to the weekly increase of 3-5 subscribers. Even though this is a small number, to me it's a big number given I just started this on a whim, and based on a hunch. I know I need to market this more, and make the experience stickier to leverage referrals though -- likely my next move here.

Today's Top Milestones
  • 2K in sales in the first week of early access!
    After many hours of work, it was finally time to give people access to my new project, a SaaS boilerplate. In the first 5 days of early access, I almo
  • Versoly 2.0 launched on Product Hunt
    Finally launching 2.0 of Versoly! Not sure about you but I always delay Product Hunt launches, I want them to be perfect. I create a list of todos for