November 5, 2019

New Logo

Stan Bright @StanBright

After a few iterations, feedback from the awesome IH community, feedback from Reddit/r/design & advice from friends that are professional designers - SaaSHub has a new logo ✨!

The symbolism and thinking behind it is:

  • Shield ~> Protection / Independence
  • Star ~> Reviews
  • Left arrow in the star (mouse cursor) ~> Software

Personally, I love the new version of the logo. And I loved the process of designing it. It may not seem much from the outside, but it was very important to me.

p.s. if you are building a software product, you should submit it to SaaSHub ;)

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Today's Top Milestones
  • #1 on Reddit, & Posting on Product Hunt
    Today I posted a short video preview of a small feature I added to Keyframes - it uses your device's orientation sensors to adjust the CSS box shadow.