October 15, 2019

The first customer (out of 3)

Stan Bright @StanBright

Not too long ago, I shared about the release of the first SaaSHub paid option - featured listings. 3 weeks have passed, and I have had 3 customers with only one fully converted (due to my mistakes).

Here it is a quick overview. The first "first" customer tried signing up during the second day after the release. Unfortunately, they received an Error 500 :), as I had forgotten to link the payment plan on production to the correct one on Stripe 🙈. They didn't follow up to retry the subscription. The second one attempted to sign up during the second week. There was no option to attach UTM tags to outgoing links at that point, there is now, and they postponed their promo to their next marketing campaign. The third one was a few days ago; everything went well this time... until Bank of America declined their card payment for no apparent reason :).

In the end, today, the third mentioned customer retried entering their card, and the payment was successful. It's not much, but it feels like a huge milestone to me — the beginning of a dream. Hopefully, my vision isn't too far from the truth, and SaaSHub becomes fully sustainable in 6-12 months. Time will tell.

My target is 100-300 products being featured and actively promoted on SaaSHub. So far it's been 1 per week without any promotion. Given that the website is growing, and I start putting sales and marketing efforts, I should be able to have 100 premium products in 52 weeks. Let's see how it goes 🤞.

I have received only helpful feedback and positive attitude here on IndieHackers, so many thanks to all of you mates! It's a great community!