Bootstrapping & Taking Time Off

I've been fortunate enough to bootstrap my work on Saasify so far by doing remote consulting for a small consultancy named Crucial (see below).

This has provided me the freedom to spend most of my time working on my passion, and even though it's not 100% full time, the ability to have stable income while bootstrapping has been essential towards maintaining a healthy work / life balance.

In the past, I've founded several startups like Automagical (exited 2018) and Sesh (shut down, 2014). When I start working on a project I'm really excited about, I have a tendency to let my passion override all other priorities in my life including finances, personal health, and relationships.

With Saasify, I'm making a concerted effort to try and be more mindful of this, and in particular, be more responsible when it comes to my finances.

This is why remote contracting has been such a blessing for me while working on Saasify.

With that being said, I've decided to take the next month off to focus on my personal health and do some backpacking along the Colorado Trail. I'll be spending July 15 - July 31st hiking the Collegiate Peaks Loop and enjoying nature while spending time away from software & technology.

I'm definitely planning to bring a waterproof pen & notebook to jot down notes as my mind inevitably drifts towards Saasify, but the majority of the time I'm hoping to spend away from work.

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