October 15, 2019

Launching support for Python services

Travis Fischer @saasify

To keep the initial MVP of Saasify as focused as possible, we decided early on to only support serverless functions written in TypeScript via FTS.

The main advantages of using TS were 1) authors are very familiar and comfortable with the ecosystem 2) FTS allows devs to just write normal TypeScript without having to worry about encoding, http, or serverless and 3) FTS auto-generates OpenAPI specs for us.

For any language we want to add support for, we need 2 main things:

  1. Ability to host that language on serverless and encode / decode HTTP traffic
  2. Ability to generate an OpenAPI spec from the source file definitions

FastAPI is a really solid open source Python framework that gives us both of these for free with python and imho provides a very solid layer to start supporting python.

Here's an example Python project using FastAPI. If you wanna try out Python with Saasify, select the python template when creating a new project with saasify init.


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